Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mind Museum Field Trip

We had an absolutely mind-blowing experience at the Mind Museum at Fort Bonifacio, Taguig!

The kids were all so excited to go.  It was their first ever time to go to Fort Bonifacio!

The museum is one of the best (if not the best) science museums in the country.  There are so many interactive exhibits that you can spend hours upon hours just learning about so many things.  And I don't mean the kids alone!

 We were so blessed to have 2 teachers with us - Shannon and Lyza!

Here are Jessica and Tricia enjoying the exhibits.

It was nothing short of hair-raising!

Afterwards, the children had fun in the playground outside.  Never a dull moment for them!

We thank whole-heartedly all of the donors that have made this event possible!  Thank you for Mind Museum giving a big discount for all of us, even the volunteers!  Thank you Ate Aileen for preparing the food and being the lone mom taking care of the kids.  Thank you Kuya Joey for arranging the ride!  Thank you Kuya Toto and Kuya Elmer for driving everyone there safely.  Thank you to the volunteers Diony, Jason, Shannon, Lyza, Ate Aileen, Hanzel, Jojo, Iam, Tina for making this an amazing experience!