Saturday, April 27, 2013

Summer Sun Swimming Fun

Greetings Volunteer!
We're very sorry for the late advise.  We only managed to arrange everything
today as in today!!!
But the good news is that we will be fulfilling the kids' dream to go
swimming.  Finally!  After they've been asking this from us every
year since we've been with them.
This Saturday April 27, 2013 we will have the chance to give joy to the
children again!

1:30 PM Meet at He Cares Center at 9 Mines St., Proj. 6, QC
        Jeep will carry kids and some of us will have them hitch
        a ride going to Ateneo Grade School Swimming Pool (Katipunan Ave.)
    - orientation for swimming (proper behavior in the pool, very important!)
    - swimming fun and games
    - snacks will be served to kids (water) from our funds
We will end by around 3:30 pm       
(*vehicle-less volunteers, please proceed to Ateneo already
and the pool area will know it's our activity time there
under my name and He Cares foundation)
With the summer heat, this time will be a chance for the kids to
cool off.  We've asked Carmi Bonifacio to lead the water activities
for the children.  She has gracefully accepted!
Please bring:
P40 for entrance if you wish to swim with kids
swimsuit, if you're swimming
Water and snacks to share
This Saturday is coming and we hope that:
1. Everyone will be safe.
2. We will have the right number of kids 30 and 20 adults to watch them.
3. We will have sufficient refreshments for the whole gang.
4. That we won't have a problem with the swimming attire requirement.
5. That everyone will have fun!!!
More about the Ateneo pool:
Ateneo Grade School Tel. 4266001 local 7246
Entrance Fees PHP 40 (adult). The pool is open to the public on weekends only.
Capacity  - 50 +
8 lanes 35 meters long
Operating Hours: 9 to 11:30 am, 1:30-6:30 pm
Water Level -  3½f - 4.5 feet depth
Pool Size 25m x 15m, outdoors, unheated
*Swimming attire is required
Here are the upcoming 2013 schedules for future sessions.
May 11 & 25
May 18 (medical mission)
June 8 & 22
July 13 & 27
August 10 & 24
September 14  & 28
October 12 & 26
November 9 & 23
December 7 (christmas party)
This Saturday:
We are calling for more volunteers!  Everyone is invited. 
You don't have to be a youth worker / tutor / teacher. 
You just need to have a heart of compassion for these young ones.
If you have more questions please feel free to reply to me.
Please confirm if you are coming with Shannon at
or text me at 0919-223-4936.
Christina Alejandro
Volunteer Coordinator
P.S.  If you cannot come this Saturday, please come next time!
*Please feel free to pass this e-mail invite to anyone who may be interested to join us!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spreading Some Smiles

"Anong pangalan mo?" (What's your name?)

The big man tells his name.

A little girl 1/4 his size, inside a small car, hands over some snacks and a packet of milk to a tricycle driver and he looks a bit puzzled with what is going on.

The little girl become excited.

"Ako susunod!"  (Me next!) The little boy in the back seat says.

These children were tasked last April 13th, 2013 to give away some simple snacks to total random strangers. Strangers who they thought would benefit from some freebies.  The children are used to being given handouts from the foundation and from kind individuals but this is the first time in their lives that they are the ones giving out to those in need.

The bigger kids would leave the car and go to the people they would give it to.

They came away with light hearts.  They came away smiling and happy.

We want to thank everyone who donated goodies like biscuits, milk packets etc for these children to give away.  The experience they had was priceless!

Monday, April 8, 2013

He Cares Children Go Birdwatching!

We came out with this promo ad on Facebook and Google+ to get volunteers to teach something they know.

Fortunately, Maia and Jops of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, responded to the call.  They conducted a birdwatching for beginners session.

Here area some pictures with captions from Maila who facilitated the event.

They had a short introductory talk about birdwatching and the proper behavior when birding..  The children learning to use their bins properly

Spotting one of the favorite birds that afternoon: a Collared Kingfisher!

 Falling in line while waiting for their turn at the scope =)

Jun asking the very excited kids to fall in line

We also got to see a number of Brown Shrikes, which most kids described as "astig" =)

Very quickly, they started spotting birds by themselves.

Stickers coming up!!! 

Group photo by Jun Osano =)

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spread Some Smiles Day

It's Spread Some Smiles day this Saturday (April 13 afternoon only)! 

We're doing something special (a surprise) with the kids. 

If you want to join us, pls send me an e-mail for the day's activity. 

If you have a car, pls volunteer, e-mail tina at papemelroti dot com Thanks!!!