Saturday, February 22, 2014

When 1 Teaches 2 Learn

Greetings Volunteer!
I asked one of the first timers of last tutoring session how she found
her time with the children.  She said "Ang saya, pero bitin!"
(it was fun but the time was too short!)

Robert Heinlein's words "When one teaches, two learn" easily describes
what we do on tutoring session Saturdays!  It's not just the children
that pickup a thing or two, we do too!
Have a terrific time this Saturday with children from Looban,
an urban challenged community.  You'll be assigned one child to read
with and for you to help them with simple exercises.
Life on the streets is living a life with an uncertain future.  Many who
are left to themselves turn to their friends who are also searching for
meaning with their existence and some turn to drugs and crime.
He Cares foundation is a beacon of hope for these children but since
there are so many of them, the foundation still needs you to put some of
the pieces together - like hope for the future, value for education, even
just friendship can change the picture!
Last Saturday's tutoring session, we had a good attendance from the
children and a lot of first timers.  We hope you come back if you haven't
in a long while.  Remember that the more the children see you come back,
the more they feel the love!!!
Helping a child to love learning is surely a step towards a brighter
future.  Please know that you don't have to be a teacher to join us.  You never
know how much of an impact you will make on a child from the streets. 
Even for a short while you can touch a life.  You can touch the future!
Come this Saturday?
You don't have to be a whiz at Math and English, we just need you to listen
to the children and to help them read books (provided) and maybe understand
their lessons (if you need assistance, other tutors may be asked).  Don't be
apprehensive about forgetting the basics from gradeschool, we've forgotten
too.  It's a team and we help each other remember.  What's most important
is that these children make a friend who encourages them to go on.
Just 2 hours to encourage them that learning can be enjoyable (or that it is
possible to understand) is more than enough. Seeing people who care is enough.
Please join us on:
March 1, 2014 (Saturday)
1 to 3 pm
3rd floor, Brgy. Bungad
*near Baler St. and West Ave. QC (map attached)
1-1:30 pm is for First timers orientation, asking questions
        and setting up the venue (arranging chairs, putting books and materials
        on the tables etc)
1:30 to 2-3 tutoring proper
        *when the volunteers come earlier,we can start tutoring earlier
*PLEASE ask for directions before Saturday because sometimes, we are
already doing the orientation and some volunteers are lost because we
are already busy and were not able to answer the calls.
- bring water, you might get thirsty!
- no need to bring anything else, just some enthusiasm!!!
If you cannot be there but want to help, we need:
+ offer to photocopy exercise sheets
+ lesson plans / activity sheets (grades 1 to 6)
This Saturday is coming and we pray that:
1. We will have a good attendance of both volunteers and children.
2. That that children will be able to learn and excel in school.
3. That the tutors will enjoy their session with the children and take home wonderful memories.
Here are the latest schedules for future sessions.
(1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month)
March 1 and 15
April 5 and 19
May 3 and 17
June 7 and 21
July 5 and 19
August 2 and 16
September 6 and 20
October 4 and 18
November 15 (possibly another on 29)
December 6
(christmas party)
This Saturday:
We are calling for more volunteers!  Everyone is invited. 
You don't have to be a tutor.  You just need to have a
heart of compassion for these young ones.
What will we teach?  Primarily English and Math.  If you
are able to teach other subjects that is great but we don't
require professional tutors.  What we need are people
who are encouraging and positive for the children to
How?  Come and the children will ask you about their
homework or you can tell them a story or do some simple
arithmetic with them. 
Please consider coming.  When we lack tutors, we cannot give
the attention they badly need since we have to tutor 2 or 3 or
4 students at a time.  We aim to have one child to one tutor.
If you have more questions please feel free to reply to me.
Please confirm if you are coming so we can assign you a child
to Shannon at
Christina Alejandro
Volunteer Coordinator
P.S.  If you cannot come this Saturday, please come next time!
*Please feel free to pass this e-mail invite to anyone who may be interested to join us!

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