Monday, March 18, 2013

15 Benefits of Spending Time with the Children

We've been "voluntutoring" for over 4 years now and in short, it's been wonderful.  

We've noticed that:
  • the children are more lively
  • the children are more confident relating with adults
  • the children are able to express themselves better
  • many of the children are striving for higher grades now compared to before
  • the children dream big(ger) now more than ever before (one of them wanted to just pass Grade 3 because that was where his mom stopped schooling!)
  • the children are more artistic and creative (many of the children whom we tutor won in a contest and their art is featured in a 2013 calendar)
  • the children dress better and generally look better than when we started
  • people have been so tremendously generous with this service and most of the time, they just donate toys / money / school materials / clothes without even being asked!
  • God provides.  We noticed that many times, when the tutor volunteers are few, the children will have some kind of makeup class in school so only a few come!!!  So we don't get too many children per tutor.  Thank you Lord!  We also got to go to many neat places in these 4 years without much fundraising at all (Manila Ocean Park, Planetarium, Science Center, National Museum, Intramuros, Museo Pambata etc) and many of these establishments gave us free passes or discounts, wow right?
at Manila Planetarium

BUT...!!!  Not only do the children get benefits, also us volunteers have a lot of benefits!!!

Here are some benefits we've seen through the years.
  1. The children make us laugh with their unexpected antics.
  2. When you work with children, you get younger (in heart and in looks!).
  3. We get to meet new people (the children, other volunteers, families of kids).
  4. We develop a heart of compassion for the children and their families, as well as the public educational system.
  5. We get to flex our patience muscles and make them bigger ;)
  6. We get to go see fun places!
  7. We get better at relating with children.
  8. We get to share what we know and have a sense of fulfillment from that.
  9. We get to try something new.
  10. We get challenged to handle more than one child (not for beginners, don't worry!)
  11. If you're single, the chance to be with children.  If you want to have a child one day, this is the perfect practice activity!
  12. If you're a parent, this is a way to learn and grow in your skills.
  13. Some volunteers bring their children to help tutor.  Their children learn the values of sharing, teaching, kindness, caring for others, and generosity.
  14. Some students get to finish their social action class requirements with us.
  15. We go home from the sessions with an incredible, inexplicable feeling of JOY!
I'm sure there are more benefits I've left out but suffice to say that indeed each volunteer is a blessing and is blessed.

This Saturday March 23, 2013 we will have the chance to touch the life of someone in need once again.  With 50+ children in 1 class, it is a rare thing for them to have
one to one attention.  Their homes lack space and light so it's quite difficult to study
in such an environment.  Their parents are away working hard to make a living.
The streets are more inviting to play in.
Just 2 hours to encourage them that learning can be enjoyable (or that it is
possible to understand) is more than enough. Seeing people who care is enough.
Please join us on:
March 23, 2013 (Saturday)
1-3 pm
3rd floor, Brgy. Bungad
*near Baler St. and West Ave. QC 

If you cannot be there but want to help, we need:
+ scratch paper
+ lesson plans / activity sheets (grades 1 to 2nd yr high)
This Saturday is coming and we hope that:
1. We will have enough tutors for the 28 children enrolled in the program.
2. That that children will be able to learn and excel in school.
3. That the tutors will enjoy their session with the children and take home wonderful memories.
Here are the latest 2013 schedules for future sessions.
March 23
April 13 & 27 (field trip outings)
May 11 & 25
May 18 (medical mission)
June 8 & 22
July 13 & 27
August 10 & 24
September 14  & 28
October 12 & 26
November 9 & 23
December 7 (christmas party)
This Saturday:
We are calling for more volunteers!  Everyone is invited. 
You don't have to be a tutor.  You just need to have a
heart of compassion for these young ones.
What will we teach?  Primarily English and Math.  If you
are able to teach other subjects that is great but we don't
require professional tutors.  What we need are people
who are encouraging and positive for the children to
How?  Come and the children will ask you about their
homework or you can tell them a story or do some simple
arithmetic with them. 
Please consider coming.  When we lack tutors, we cannot give
the attention they badly need since we have to tutor 2 or 3 or
4 students at a time.  We aim to have one child to one tutor.
If you have more questions please feel free to reply to me.
Please confirm if you are coming so we can assign you a child
to Shannon at
Christina Alejandro
Volunteer Coordinator
P.S.  If you cannot come this Saturday, please come next time!
*Please feel free to pass this e-mail invite to anyone who may be interested to join us!