Thursday, February 11, 2016

Wednesday Tutoring Begins

--------------- UPDATE!  New Time for Wednesday Tutoring Sessions is 9 AM (instead of 10am).  ---------------

Hello VolunTutor!

We are all set for March 16 and 30 (new scheds) Wednesday 10AM-12NN tutoring.  
Kindly sign up at 

We already have a good number of volunteers who signed up for the 5 household boys in need of help with their schooling.

For those who signed up, please watch this online orientation video so you can start right away.  It is a online tutoring orientation that is very important to watch.  

Once you get there, Cathy, the Balik Aral coordinator, will guide you with the materials and other information.

The children on Wednesday are in the He Cares household because their parents are not capable of taking care of them.  They are in Grades 3-4.

If you need directions on getting to the He Cares Mission building, pls contact Cathy 09324623769 and please look for her when you get there to introduce you to the kids.

Thank you soooo very much!  Have fun!