Tuesday, December 9, 2014

So Very Grateful!

Dear Volunteer,
We are so happy to share that our Dec. 6 party was so filled with overwhelming goodness!
First of all, thank You God for clearing the clouds of what CNN called the worst typhoon of the
year to hit the Philippines and made it sunny and perfect for the party to push through!!! 
(Nothing short of a miracle!)
Thank you very much to Barangay Captain Ricky Corpuz and staff of Barangay Bungad for always accommodating us at the venue!  We can never thank you enough for allowing us to teach the children and celebrate there!                              

Thank you ever so much Tutor's Team for planning and conceptualizing the event!  Special thanks to  Joey Dulalia, Diony, Jason Bangayan, Armand Eustaquio, you guys are just the best!  Thank you Joey for the sound system, community mirror dancing and for always being there to lead the prayers.  Jason thanks for getting all the food packs as well as for finding the inspiring videos!  Diony thanks for the Bottle Relay game!   Armand thank you for coordinating for the food stuff to bring these to Ate Winnie!  Of course thanks too to hardworking gals Ma Annjanet Shannon Capati, Malou Bautista!  Thanks Shannon for preparing the human bingo game!

Thank you to Ate Winnie Hipolito for the scrumptious food!  Thank you Melissa Hidalgo, Jasmine Cecille Alvarez Salem, JB, Hazel for preparing it all!

Thank you for decorating the place and making it festive!  Malou, Grace and daughter, Reev, Shannon, Sylvia, Michael, Shawn, JB, Jason, Hazel!!!

Thank you so much iVolunteer for providing so many generous hearts and minds to this effort all throughout the year!!!  We cannot thank you enough!

Thank you Reev Robledo for being the "Prizemaster" for donating prizes and for taking such gorgeous shots to document all the smiles and laughter and everything!

Thank you Mommy Aileen for always being the coordinator for the children!!!

Thank you Dominic Malonzo Romanillos for your kind words for all the tutors during the presentation!  It was a wonderfully heartwarming presentation!  Salamat sa lahat ng kids na gumanap doon!!!  Di namin yon ever makakalimutan!

Salamat mga bata!  Thank you for actively participating in all the games and for making us happy this whole year through!  Mahal namin kayo!

Thank you once again Joy Flavier-Alampay  Gigo Alampay for the beautiful Canvas books!  The children love these!

Thanks so much Janie and hubby for visiting our event and for the children's gifts!   Thank you too Michael for the prizes!!! 

Thank you for the excellent hosting (and impromptu program adjustments) Dom and Sylvia Goloyugo!  Dom you brought Santa Claus to life on his feast day (St. Nicholas) no less!                     
Thank you Miriam San Pedro and Ate Maria Luz Mocco for always supporting us!!!  

Thank you for visiting us Rowena Chipongian and for your encouraging moral support all these years!  You'll always be our principal!
Wishing you all the best Christmas ever filled with all the love, joy and peace that this
season always brings!

Christina Alejandro
Volunteer Coordinator