Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Children of the Night

I wanted to go out tonight.

I wanted to go with the mothers, the brother and Kuya (older brother) Joe Dean.  Tonight is the night they are looking for Shara.  Shara is only 13 but she has been roaming the city on her own for a week and 3 days now. 

This morning we drove around Quezon City in search of her.  We were like a tag game.  At first we were 2 moms, 1 friend + I.  Then when we went to Shara's school, her baby brother came along so we became 5.  Then we went to see Marjorie, a friend of hers, she came along too, so we became 6 in all. 

At the school, 3 girl students seemed to have seen her.  One said she saw her going to her friend Marjorie's house in tears.  One said she was at McDo Muñoz with a spaced out expression on her face.  She said Shara's clothes were already dirty.  That made her mom cry.

Some learnings:

Runaway children sleep during the day and roam around only at night.  So you can only spot them at night.  There are places in the city where the children hang out.  In lonely alleys.  Scores of them.

Runaway children usually go to their friends or teachers.  This was Shara's 3rd runaway incident.  Previously, she used to stay with her teachers.

Runaway children have family problems.  In this case there was an issue with the dishwashing.  Even petty disagreements can lead to this type of disaster.
I wish I were there, talking to people, asking about her.  I haven't been sleeping well, thinking about her. 

Shara has only attended our tutoring session a few times but I couldn't forget her even when years would pass in between the times I'd see her.  She is bright, kind and respectful.  She is a participative and cheerful child. 

I really hope they find her tonight.  I'm praying hard.

If you see her, please contact me at 63919-2234936  

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