Wednesday, November 20, 2013

A Load of Good News

A bit of good news from the tutor team...

Yesterday's session was one of the best!  We had a good number of children and volunteers and everyone enjoyed themselves!

In fact, some of the children were more than an hour early!  That's how excited they were to come to that day's session!  

One of the things that made it really special is that our beautiful, wonderful, über generous friend Shawie had a merienda treat for the children!  They had spaghetti, burger, soda AND toys from Jollibee!  The volunteers got fed too!  

We also got wind of some more good news!  We have a handful of children who have had a challenging time and just dropped out of school.  Despit counseling, talking with parents and all the cajoling, they really haven't gone back?

But we heard from one of the moms yesterday that 2 of these girls now hold jobs!  I am so happy to hear that!  At least they are not spending their time wasting away in idleness or worse, getting into trouble.

Another bit of good news is that Lorie, one of the first time volunteers donated some lesson sheets and educational materials (some of which she developed) that would be very very helpful!

Last but not least, one of the nicest surprises of all is that one of the volunteers Raissa mentioned a plan they have a similar program in some of the poorest areas in metro!!!  Isn't that great!  So exciting!

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