Monday, April 8, 2013

He Cares Children Go Birdwatching!

We came out with this promo ad on Facebook and Google+ to get volunteers to teach something they know.

Fortunately, Maia and Jops of the Wild Bird Club of the Philippines, responded to the call.  They conducted a birdwatching for beginners session.

Here area some pictures with captions from Maila who facilitated the event.

They had a short introductory talk about birdwatching and the proper behavior when birding..  The children learning to use their bins properly

Spotting one of the favorite birds that afternoon: a Collared Kingfisher!

 Falling in line while waiting for their turn at the scope =)

Jun asking the very excited kids to fall in line

We also got to see a number of Brown Shrikes, which most kids described as "astig" =)

Very quickly, they started spotting birds by themselves.

Stickers coming up!!! 

Group photo by Jun Osano =)

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