Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spreading Some Smiles

"Anong pangalan mo?" (What's your name?)

The big man tells his name.

A little girl 1/4 his size, inside a small car, hands over some snacks and a packet of milk to a tricycle driver and he looks a bit puzzled with what is going on.

The little girl become excited.

"Ako susunod!"  (Me next!) The little boy in the back seat says.

These children were tasked last April 13th, 2013 to give away some simple snacks to total random strangers. Strangers who they thought would benefit from some freebies.  The children are used to being given handouts from the foundation and from kind individuals but this is the first time in their lives that they are the ones giving out to those in need.

The bigger kids would leave the car and go to the people they would give it to.

They came away with light hearts.  They came away smiling and happy.

We want to thank everyone who donated goodies like biscuits, milk packets etc for these children to give away.  The experience they had was priceless!

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