Friday, July 3, 2015

Achievers Treat 2015

Last year it was 18.

This year it's 22.

That's the number of achievers we have this year!  Congratulations for reaching our standard!  

The first year we started this initiative, there were only 5 children who passed.  We must be doing something right!  Almost all the children now have reached the average grade for this treat!  Clap!  Clap!  Clap!

First off in the program, we prayed for our event and then the tutors gave some praise and encouragement to the students!

Then the shopping ensued!  The kids used up some of their treat money for shoes, toys, school supplies and knick knacks.  Others didn't use it yet as they wanted to save it!

Then we went to our favorite Mang Inasal!

The children really loved it!  The tiniest of children had like 3 servings of rice!  (Sulit ang unli rice!)

I'm so proud of the children's achievements but even more than that, I was struck by the compassion of the children.  While we were waiting for the food from Mang Inasal, there was a lonely child crying loudly inside the restaurant.  The children surrounded her with sympathetic expressions and they were so concerned with why she was crying.  Soon enough the child's mother arrived so she was alright.  I was really struck by the children's empathy!

We may need to raise our average grade level just to preserve our budget for next year!  But keep up the good work kids!

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