Thursday, July 9, 2015

Toby's Birthday Party with He Cares Children

Happy birthday Tobyyy! 

July 4 marked the 2nd birthday celebration of Toby!  This adorable toddler spent this time with the He Cares children and wow what a grand party it was!

Thank you to Lola Honeylou and Daddy Jacob for making this all happen!  Thank God for your whole family's generosity and your community's too!  

Thank you to Faye, Dana and the whole team! 

You sure made a lot of children smile today! Thank you to the volunteers who arrived: Jovy, Jonar Ivan, Pao, Des, and of course, Joey and Armand!  Thank you kids for being a blessing to Toby! Thank You Lord!!!

We apologize to those of you who were waiting for the announcement for this session. The family requested to have their guests as the volunteers for the day.

Want to party with the children?  Just let us know!

e-mail hecaresfoundation at or calejbitsvyk at gmail dot com for more information

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